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Analysis of Different Applications of Food Additive

Application of food additive

  • Flavor enhancers can enhance the flavor of food. Known as flavor enhancers, food additive can harmonize the flavors of plant materials, mask the taste of plant-based ingredients, increase the affinity of protein and fat, and make dishes more palatable in terms of flavor and texture.

    Flavor enhancers can be used in any dishes to enhance flavor and freshness, especially those with more soup or juice.

  • The so-called meat flavoring agents are a kind of meat flavoring or some food flavoring substances. With the development of science and technology, the detection of various meats can produce aroma components in cooking. The key substances of the above-mentioned aroma components are artificially synthesized or extracted in large quantities from natural substances, and the key substances are blended with other substances in appropriate proportions to make flavorings.

    The representative products are pure chicken powder, pure beef powder, pure chicken oil, seafood seasonings, barbecue seasonings, beef seasoning, beef powder seasoning, pork seasoning, pork powder seasoning, chicken seasoning, chicken powder seasoning, shrimp powder seasoning, grilled meat powder seasoning, meat seasoning powder seasoning, abalone seasoning, shark fin seasoning, fresh chicken juice, etc. These meat flavorings come in the form of paste, powder, and liquid.

Why are food additives such as food and color additives added to food?

To maintain or improve safety and freshness

Preservatives can slow down the deterioration of products caused by molds, air, bacteria, fungi, or yeasts. In addition to maintaining food quality, they also help control contamination that may cause foodborne illnesses, including life-threatening botulism. A group of preservatives - antioxidants - prevent fat and oil and foods containing them from becoming sour or unappetizing.

Although preservatives are added, the use of preservatives is based on the premise of not changing the nature of the food, not affecting normal physiological functions in the body, aiming to significantly extend the shelf life of food, and having technical necessity for adding.

To increase or maintain nutritional value

Vitamins and minerals (and fiber) are added to many foods to supplement the deficiency or loss of food in human diet or to improve the nutritional quality of food. This fortification and concentration helps to reduce malnutrition in the United States and around the world. All products containing added nutrients must be properly labeled.

To improve flavor, texture and appearance

Spices, natural and artificial flavors, and sweeteners are added to enhance the taste of food. Edible colors are used to maintain or improve the appearance. Emulsifiers, stabilizers, and thickeners give food the texture and thickness that consumers expect. Leavening agents cause baked foods to expand during baking. Some food additives help control the acidity of food, while other ingredients help maintain the taste and appeal of low-fat foods. If you are looking for an oligofructose supplier or oligogalactose, it is important to understand the various applications of food additives and how they can enhance the safety, nutritional value, and overall appearance of food products. At Bosenbio, we provide high-quality food additives that are essential for maintaining freshness, improving flavor, and meeting the specific needs of the food industry.

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