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Apple Pectin wholesale

casno. : CAS 9000-69-5

Pectin is one of the most versatile stabilizers available. Product and application development by the major Pectin producers has over the years resulted in a large expansion of the opportunities and applicability of Pectin.

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Functions of Apple Pectin

  • As a Stabilizer:
    Citrus Pectin is used in confectionery jellies to give a good gel structure, a clean bite and to confer a good flavour release.

  • As Emulsifiers:
    Citrus Pectin also reduces syneresis in jams and marmalades and increases the gel strength of low calorie jams.

  • As Thickeners
    Citrus Pectin is an ingredient in gelling sugar (also known as "jam sugar")where it is diluted to the right concentration with
    sugar and some citric acid to adjust pH. 80% to 90% of the pectin produced in the industry is used in the food industry to produce jelly, jam and jelly with its gelatin.

Uses of Apple Pectin

  • Apple Pectin can also be used in medicine as a hemostatic agent and generation of plasma, can also be used to treat diarrhea and heavy metal poisoning.

  • Apple Pectin can be used as emulsifier stabilizer and thickener, China can be used for all types of food, according to the production needs of appropriate use.

  • Apple Pectin can be used for lotion, acid tooth powder, etc. because it is not stable in alkaline medium, it can not be used for alkaline cosmetics. Pectin non-toxic, non-irritating, can be used for the entrance of the cosmetics, such as lipstick and so on. Can also be used as a thickener and adhesive for toothpaste.

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