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  • high maltose powder 90
  • high maltose powder 90

High Maltose Powder 90% wholesale

casno. : CAS 69-79-4

High Maltose Powder is a sweetener and filler that can be used in the production of bread, pastries, beer and can delay the aging of starch in pastries. It has good anti-crystallinity and is used in the manufacture of jam and jelly to prevent heavy crystallization of sucrose and prolong the shelf life of commodities. Maltose is used in the confectionery industry to replace starch syrup produced by acid hydrolysis. Not only does the product taste soft, it has moderate sweetness, but also has good transparency and sand resistance as well as endurance which extends shelf life.

Specifications of High Maltose Powder 90%

Product name







White crystal powder

Molecular Formula


Boiling point

667.9±55.0 °C at 760 mmHg

Melting point


Flash point

357.8±31.5 °C

Molecular Weight







Cool Dry Place

Shelf life

2 Years

Function of High Maltose Powder 90%

1. Detoxification and beautifying: Maltose can detoxify and beautify, and promote the absorption of calcium, magnesium, zinc and other minerals.

2. Moistening the lung and removing dryness: it can be used to treat qi deficiency fatigue, deficiency cold abdominal pain, lung deficiency, chronic cough and asthma, etc.

3. Tonifying the spleen and softening the liver: Maltose can tonify the spleen and softening the liver.

3. Tonifying spleen and qi: maltose is mainly responsible for spleen and stomach weakness, shortness of breath and fatigue.

4. Maltose in cosmetics, skin care products in the main role of moisturizer, skin conditioning agent

Application of High Maltose Powder 90%

1. Application in the food industry

Maltose can be prepared into malt syrup, which is widely used in various fields of the food industry, solid food, liquid food, frozen food, colloid food (if frozen) and other mainly used for processing caramel sauce color and candy, fruit juice drinks, wine, canned, bean sauce, soy sauce

2. Applications in the field of health care

Malt syrup can be taken directly, which can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and supplement the carbon source and energy required by the body. The purity of maltose is very important, because maltose is a reducing disaccharide with aldehyde group reaction and can also be oxidized to maltose acid.

3. Application in cosmetic field

Maltose is used as a moisturizer and skin conditioner

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