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Food additive manufacturer Xi'an Bosen Biotechnology Co., Ltd. food additives are chemically synthesized substances or natural substances added to food to improve food quality and color, flavor, taste, shape, nutritional value, as well as for storage and processing process needs. 

Food additives include nutritional additives, food processing aids. Food additives can be a substance or a mixture of substances & most of them are not inherent in the basic food ingredients themselves, but the production, storage, packaging, use and other processes in the food to achieve a certain purpose and added substances. 

Food additives are generally not consumed as food alone and are used in small amounts and under strict control. Food additives have five main functions: first, to improve food quality, second, to increase the variety and convenience of food, and can develop new food resources, third, to facilitate food processing, so that the processing process becomes easy and feasible. Fourth, it is conducive to meeting the special needs of different groups of people and enhance the individual characteristics of food. Fifth, it is conducive to the comprehensive application of raw materials.

Types of Food Additive Wholesale

The international classification of food additives, there is no uniform standard. Because the use of various countries and regions, characteristics and traditional habits vary, and the role of many food additives is multifaceted, such as spices also have antioxidant effect, emulsifiers also have a role in preserving freshness, etc.. Therefore, countries and regions are mostly classified according to the specific circumstances of the country. Food additives classification and code, in addition to spices, will be divided into 21 kinds, namely acidity regulators, anti-caking agents, defoamers, antioxidants, bleaching agents, bulking agents, gum sugar base agents, coloring agents, color protectors, emulsifiers, enzyme preparations, flavor enhancers, flour treatment agents, film agents, moisture retention agents, nutritional enhancers, preservatives, stabilizers, coagulants, sweeteners, thickeners and others. The role in cooking condiments, snacks, beverages, fast food, candy, desserts, etc., any commercially available products that people eat, and even health care products are also used in medicine, such as vitamin C, ABD and other trace elements of the supplement are within the scope of food additives

Why Are Food And Color Additive Added To Food?

Maintain Or Improve The Safety And Freshness

Preservatives can slow down the deterioration of products caused by mold, air, bacteria, fungi or yeast. In addition to maintaining food quality, they help control contamination that can lead to foodborne illness, including life-threatening botulism. A group of preservatives - antioxidants - prevent fats and oils and the foods that contain them from becoming sour or developing off-flavors. Although the addition of preservatives, but the use of preservatives, is not to change the food properties, does not affect the normal physiological function of the human body as the premise, the most significant extension of the shelf life of food for the purpose, and it is really necessary to add technically.

Improve Or Maintain The Nutritional Value

Vitamins and minerals (and fiber) are added to many foods to make up for the lack of food in the human diet or lost during processing, or to improve the nutritional quality of food. This fortification and concentration helps reduce malnutrition in the United States and around the world. All products containing added nutrients must be properly labeled.

Improve Flavor, Texture And Appearance

Flavors, natural and artificial flavors, and sweeteners are added to enhance the flavor of foods. Food coloring to maintain or improve appearance. Emulsifiers, stabilizers and thickeners make food with the texture and consistency consumers expect. Bulking agents allow baked goods to expand during the baking process. Some additives help control the acidity and alkalinity of foods, while other ingredients help maintain the flavor and appeal of low-fat foods.

Application of Bosen's Food Additive

Application of Bosen's Food Additive
  • Freshness agents can enhance the flavor of food additives called flavor enhancers between the flavor of plant materials to play a harmonizing effect, masking the taste of plant-based ingredients, can improve the affinity of protein and fat, so that the dish in the flavor, texture more acceptable to consumers. Fresh flavoring agent can be used in any dish to enhance the flavor and freshness, especially with soup or juice more dishes are more appropriate to use.

  • Meat flavor flavor The so-called meat flavor flavor is a meat flavor or some dish flavor substances. With the development of science and technology to detect the presence of various meat, can produce aroma components in cooking, analysis of the above aroma components of the key substances, artificial synthesis or extraction from natural substances in large quantities, the key substances and other substances in an appropriate proportion to formulate into flavor. The representative products include pure chicken powder, pure beef powder, pure chicken oil, sea flavoring, barbecue flavoring, seafood flavoring, beef flavoring, beef powder flavoring, pork flavoring, pork powder flavoring, chicken flavoring, chicken powder flavoring, shrimp powder flavoring, roast meat powder flavoring, meat flavoring powder flavoring, abalone flavoring, shark fin flavoring, fresh chicken juice, etc. These meat flavors are available in paste, powder and liquid form.

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