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  • Cow Skin Collagen Peptide Wholesaler

Cow Skin Collagen Peptide wholesale

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Cowhide collagen peptide powder is a good nutritional supplement, generally is the choice of fresh cowhide as raw material decomposition out of the substance, not only high nutritional value, and functional, made of peptide powder molecules are smaller, more easily absorbed by the body.

Collagen peptide powder is rich in amino acids, which can be quickly absorbed by the body and can play a role in promoting the digestion and absorption of the gastrointestinal tract. It can protect the gastric mucosa and anti-ulcer effect, as well as anti-allergy effect, etc. In addition, it can whiten skin, delay aging, shrink pores, hydrate and moisturize in the beauty aspect.

Specifications of Cow Skin Collagen Peptide

Product name:

Bovine Collagen (raw material)


Edible Level

The origin:

Bovine skin, Bovine bone




White powder, no smell


2 years


Collagen nutrition supplement and help to generate new protein fibril.


Completely and easily soluble in water. It can apply on all kinds of dosage forms, include the tablets,
capsules,oral drinks, solid beverage, nutrition food enhancers and etc.

Function of Cow Skin Collagen Peptide

  • Skin-care,Hair-care,Anti-aging,Anti-wrinkle,Cosmetics,Creams,Face masks etc

  • Body-building & Daily Health-care Supplement

  • Joint health: Auxiliary treatment for degenerative arthritic diseases

  • Bone function;

  • Weight management

  • Promote muscle production;

  • Gastrointesstinal System

  • Meal Replacement milk shake

  • GMO Free/Fat Free/ Carbohydrate Free/ Preservative Free/Purine Free

What Are The Benefits Of Cowhide Peptide ?

Cowhide peptide offers a multitude of advantages. It promotes youthful and radiant skin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and improves skin elasticity. Additionally, it supports joint and bone health, aids in muscle recovery, and boosts the immune system. Discover the remarkable benefits of cowhide peptide for cosmetic raw materials and pharmaceutical chemicals wholesale at Bosen Bio. As leading pharma intermediates manufacturers, we offer a premium product that delivers exceptional results. Trust Bosen Bio for superior quality cowhide peptide and experience its transformative effects.

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