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Whey Powder wholesale

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Whey Protein known as the king of protein, extracted from the milk of a protein with high nutritional value, easy to digest absorption characteristics with a variety of active ingredients.It is recognized as one of the human body of high quality protein supplements.

Whey Protein powder contains the complete spectrum of amino acids your body needs for quick muscle recovery after a brisk workout.

Specifications of Whey Powder

Product Name

Whey Protein


WPI90%, WPC80%


Food grade


Light Yellow Powder

Shelf Life:

2 Years


Sealed, placed in a cool dry environment, to avoid moisture, light

What Are the Benefits of Whey Protein?

  1. Increase immunity

  2. Boosts Body's energy level

  3. Help man muscle improve

  4. Health skin care

  5. Improve bone density

Uses of Whey Protein Powder

  1. Whey Protein Powder can be added to such solid drinks as oatmeal, coffee mate, soy milk powder peanut milk powder, cocoa milk powder, walnut milk powder, fermented yogurt, juice milk powder, etc. And dairy products so as to raise the protein content in the end products and increase their nutrition.

  2. Whey Protein Powder can be used to raise the yield of meat products, check condensation of tiny oil and water drops, prevent fat and water separation, improve the taste and structure, and make the end products have a higher nutritional value and a fine and wet texture with good slicing properties.

  3. Whey Protein Powder can also be added to cold drinks.Its good emulsifying property is very beneficial to the viscosity and freezing property of ice cream mixture system. Especially in low-fat products, it can greatly improve the taste and texture, but also gives ice cream a very fresh milk flavor.

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