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Human Growth Hormone wholesale

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HGH growth hormone is a protein secreted by pituitary cells, a peptide hormone that promotes human growth and regulates the metabolism of substances in the body. hgh growth hormone raises blood glucose mainly by inhibiting the use of glucose in muscle and adipose tissue, while promoting gluconeogenesis and the breakdown of glycogen in the liver. hgh growth hormone promotes lipolysis, causing the free fatty acids in plasma to The hgh growth hormone promotes lipolysis and raises free fatty acids in plasma. When insulin secretion decreases and growth hormone secretion increases during starvation, glucose utilization in blood decreases and fat utilization increases, and glucose and free fatty acid levels in plasma increase.

Specifications of HGH 191aa

Product Name:191 gh Bodybuilding peptides
Appearance: White Fine Powder
Specification:10iu/vial, 10vials/box
Brand Name:BOSEN

Advantage of HGH 191aa

There are many benefits of HGH growth hormone, a protein secreted by the pituitary gland belonging to the peptide hormone group, which has an important role in human health and normal development. 

  1. Firstly, HGH growth hormone can enhance the body's resistance and immunity, reduce external factors that cause infectious diseases, and also promote the growth of the atrophied thymus gland to return to its normal state and produce immune cells, improving the body's immunity.

  2. Secondly, HGH growth hormone can promote human growth, if the human body lacks HGH growth hormone, it will cause the human body to have underdeveloped bones during childhood and adolescence, making it difficult for the human body to grow taller, and HGH growth hormone can help the human body avoid dwarfism.

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