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  • isomaltulose powder
  • isomaltulose powder

Isomaltulose wholesale

casno. : CAS 13718-94-0

Isomaltulose is a sugar substitute found in honey and sugarcane extracts. It tastes similar to sucrose with half the sweetness, making it an ideal substitute for people who are looking to cut down their sugar intake but don't want to give up their sweet tooth. The glucose and fructose are linked by an alpha-1,6-glycosidic bond, which makes Isomaltulose completely digestible.

Specifications of Isomaltulose



Isomaltulose (dry substance),w/%


Other sugar (dry substance), w/%


Loss on drying, w/%


Residue on ignition, w/%


Lead (Pb), mg/kg


As, mg/kg


Aerobic plate count, cfu/g


Enumeration of coliforms, cfu/g



Not Detectable

Yeast & Mold, cfu/g


Isomaltulose Quick Details

Chemical Name: Isomaltulose/PALATINOSE
CAS No.: 13718-94-0
Molecular Fomula: C12H22O11

Molecular weight: 342.3

Appearance: white crystalline powder

Assay: 98% min

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