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Zinc Aspartate Chelate wholesale

casno. : CAS 36393-20-1

Zinc l-aspartate is a white crystal or crystalline powder with hygroscopicity. Zinc l-aspartate is easily soluble in water but not in organic solvents. The aqueous solution of zinc l-aspartate is neutral

Specifications of Zinc Aspartate Chelate

Product Name:L-Zinc aspartate chelate
English name:




Molecular Formula:


Application of Zinc Aspartate Chelate

(1) Bread, cake, noodles, macaroni, improve the utilization of raw materials, improve the taste and flavor. use 0.05%.

(2) Aquatic minced products, canned food, dried seaweed, etc., strengthen tissues, maintain fresh taste, and enhance taste

(3) Sauce, tomato sauce, mayonnaise, jam, cream, soy sauce, thickener and stabilizer.

(4) Fruit juice, alcohol, etc., dispersant.

(5) Ice cream and caramel sugar can improve the taste and stability.

(6) Frozen food, aquatic products, surface jelly (fresh keeping)

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