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Ferric Citrate Amine wholesale

casno. : CAS 1185-57-5

Ferric citrate is a mineral supplement. It contains iron and citric acid, which helps the body absorb iron from food. This medication is used to treat iron deficiency (low levels of iron in your body) and to control the phosphorus levels in the blood of patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD).

Specifications of Ferric Citrate Amine

Chinese nameAmmonium ferric citrate
Foreign name

Ammonium ferric citrate

AliasAmmonium ferric citrate
chemical formula


molecular weight


CAS registration number



1.8 g/cm³

AppearanceBrown or green scales or powder

Application of Ferric Citrate Amine

(1) Nutritional supplements (iron fortifiers). It is used for dairy products, wheat flour for bread, biscuits, milk powder, etc. It is not suitable for foods that are not suitable for coloring. As a food iron fortifier, ammonium ferric citrate has better absorption effect than inorganic iron. It is stipulated in China that it can be used for salt and sandwich sugar, with the dosage of 4000-8000mg/kg; 1200 ~ 1350mg/kg in high iron cereals and their products (50g of such food is limited daily); 400~800mg/kg in dairy products and infant food; 160~330mg/kg in cereals and their products; 70~140mg/kg in beverages.

(2) Brown products are used as blood tonic to treat iron deficiency anemia; It can be used as food additive, and the iron content is 16.5% - 21.2% according to the provisions of the Japanese Food Additives Public Regulations.

(3) It is used in the photographic industry, pharmaceutical industry, and also as an anti caking agent.

(4) It is used for microbial culture, such as JFM medium commonly used in laboratory culture of ferromanganese bacteria, in which ammonium ferric citrate is added, and similar medium is also added to the product.

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