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Copper Gluconate wholesale

casno. : CAS 527-09-3

What is Copper gluconate? Copper gluconate is a kind of health care product, which is often used for skin care, can treat anemia, and can achieve good therapeutic effect on copper deficiency. It belongs to a bioavailable form of copper, which is used to supplement copper ions. It can exert good effects, and is often used to treat parasitic skin infections. It also has a certain therapeutic effect on osteoporosis or hypertension.

Specifications of Copper Gluconate

Product Name

New production bulk additives CAS 527-09-3 Copper gluconate powder




Blue powder




99% min Copper gluconate


Copper gluconate, Copper gluconate powder,gluconate powder


Keep in a cool, dry, dark location in a tightly sealed container or cylinder.

Uses of Copper Gluconate

1. Trace mineral that is essential to bone formation and the maintenance of healthy nerves.

2. Facilitates iron absorption, hemoglobin, and red blood cells.

3. Helps body to oxidize vitamin C.

4. Works with Zinc anc Vitamin C to form elastin.

5. Aids in the production of RNA.

6. Copper nutrition enhancer: Used in dairy products, baby and child foods.
7. It’s widely used in food additives and health food production.

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