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Calcium L-lactate wholesale

casno. : CAS 814-80-2

Calcium lactate is an ingredient in some baking powders containing sodium acid pyrophosphate. It is also known as cheese lactate because it coagulates milk, making the chhena used in the production of paneer cheese.

Specifications of Calcium L-lactate

Product Name

L-Calcium Lactate



Molecular Formula





Cool dry place

Purpose of Calcium L-lactate

L-Calcium Lactate CAS 814-80-2, calcium agent used as food nutrition enhancer, used in baby food, dairy products, bread, pastries, candy, bean products, pickles, etc. as a calcium supplement, L-Calcium Lactate CAS 814-80-2 is easier to absorb than other products; Used as a buffer and bulking agent for bread and cakes.

L-Calcium Lactate CAS 814-80-2 is also often used as an epidermal hardener in fruit and vegetable food processing. As a feed additive in feed industry, L-Calcium Lactate CAS 814-80-2 can increase the yield of milk, reduce the shell breaking rate of eggs and promote the growth of young animals.

L-Calcium Lactate CAS 814-80-2 used as nutritional enhancer, buffer and bulking agent for bread and pastry. It can also be used for bread, pastry, flour food, municipal milk powder, tofu, soy sauce, pickled products, etc. As a fortifier, L-Calcium Lactate CAS 814-80-2 is easily absorbed with other calcium.

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