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Calcium Pyruvate wholesale

casno. : CAS 52009-14-0

Calcium pyruvate is a supplement that is said to help support your weight management goals. It is composed of pyruvic acid and calcium and is said to help promote weight loss by boosting the amount of fat you burn in your body. The supplement is also meant to improve your metabolism, increase energy levels and reduce fatigue — all factors that can contribute to improved weight loss results.

Specifications of Calcium Pyruvate

Chemical Name:Calcium pyruvate
CAS No.:52009-14-0
Molecular Fomula:C6H6CaO6
Molecular weight:214.19
Appearance:White Crystal powder

Calcium pyruvate Usage

1.Products used as raw materials and food additives for medicine

2.It has a significant effect on weight loss.

3.As a dietary supplement, it has the effects of accelerating fat consumption, reducing body weight, enhancing human endurance and improving athletic performance.

Calcium pyruvate Packaging and Shipping

Packing: 25kg/drum

Calcium pyruvate Storage

It should be placed in cool dry place.

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