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  • soluble saccharin
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Sodium Saccharin wholesale

casno. : CAS 128-44-9

Saccharin sodium, also known as o-sulfonylbenzimide sodium salt, usually contains two molecules of crystal water, which is colorless crystal and easily weathered to lose about half of the crystal water and become white powder. The sweetness is 200-500 times higher than that of sucrose, and its thermal stability in aqueous solution is better than that of saccharin. The sweetness of aqueous solution decreased slowly after long time storage. In terms of sweetness, the anions decomposed by saccharin sodium have strong sweetness, but there is no sweetness in the molecular state, and they are disgusted with bitterness. Saccharin sodium has high solubility and dissociation degree, so it is sweet.

Specifications of Sodium Saccharin



Product Name

Saccharin Sodium


White crystals or a white crystalline powder

Melting Point / Freezing Point (° C)



5 - 7


Not more than 15.0% w/w







Advantages of Sodium Saccharin

Saccharin sodium, also known as o-sulfonylbenzoimide sodium, was developed in 1879. It is the first synthetic non nutritive sweetener. It is soluble in water, and its sweetness in dilute solution is 200-500 times that of sucrose. When the concentration is large, it has bitter taste. 

When heated in acid condition, the sweetness disappears, and the bitter o-sulfamoyl benzoic acid can be formed. Because of its low calorie, not absorbed by human body, and can be automatically excreted with stool, it has been used as a substitute for sugar in patients with obesity, hyperlipidemia, diabetes and caries. In addition, it can also be used as brightening agent, blood circulation testing agent, penetrant, etc. for nickel chromium plating, with a wide range of uses.

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