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casno. : CAS 58543-16-1

Stevioside, also known as stevioside, is a glycoside extracted from the leaves of Stevia rebaudiana. It has the characteristics of high sweetness and low heat energy. Its sweetness is 200-300 times of sucrose, and its calorific value is only 1 / 300 of sucrose.

Specifications of Stevia 58543-16-1




White Powder

Rebaudioside A, %(wt/wt)on anhydrous basis


Total Glucoside Content, % (wt/wt)


Ash, % (wt/wt)


Specific Rotation on Anhydrous Basis

-20 to -33°

Loss on Drying


Lead(as Pb)

<1.0 PPM

Cadmium(as Cd)

<0.1 PPM

Arsenic(as As)

<0.1 PPM

Mercury(as Hg)

<0.1 PPM


≤5000 PPM



Faecal Coliforms

<3 MPN/g

Total Coliforms

<3 MPN/g

Escherichia Coli Count

<10 CFU/g


Negative/ 11g

Salmonella sp.


Staphylococcus Aureus

<10 CFU/g

Total Plate Count

<1000 CFU/g

Total Yeast


Total Mould


Advantages of Stevia 58543-16-1

As a new sweetener, stevioside can be widely used in all kinds of food, beverage, medicine and daily chemical industry. Compared with sucrose, stevioside has the following advantages

1. Pure natural: physical extract of stevioside leaves

2. Low calorie: 1 /300 of the calorific value of sucrose, not absorbed, does not produce heat

3. High sweetness: Stevia is 200-300 times sweeter than sucrose
4. The cost of sugar is close to one third of that of natural sugar

5. High stability: heat, acid, alkali, not easy to decompose

6. Very good solubility: easy to dissolve in water, ethanol and other organic solvents

7. High safety: international authoritative experiments, pharmacological experiments, non-toxic side effects

8. Storage resistance: bacteriostasis, stable performance, easy to use

Application of Stevia 58543-16-1

1. Applied in the food field, it is mainly used as a non-calorie food sweetener;

2. Applied in other products, such as beverage, liquor, meat, daily products and so on.

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