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Introduction to Erythritol and Oligofructose


Natural erythritol is a bulk sweetener, a four-carbon sugar alcohol with the chemical formula C4H10O4. It is a white crystalline powder with a refreshing sweet taste, is not hygroscopic, stable at high temperatures, and stable over a wide pH range. It has a mild cooling sensation when dissolved in the mouth and is suitable for use in various foods.

The Advantages of Erythritol:

Natural erythritol low sweetness

Erythritol has only 60%-70% of the sweetness of sucrose. It has a pure taste and no bitter aftertaste. It can be used in combination with high sweetness sweeteners to reduce their sweetness and unpleasant taste.

Natural erythritol high stability

Erythritol is highly stable to acid and heat, and has high acid-base resistance. It does not decompose or change at temperatures below 200°C and does not discolor due to the Maillard reaction.

Natural erythritol high solubility

Erythritol has an endothermic effect when dissolved in water. Its enthalpy of dissolution is only 97.4kJ/kg, higher than that of glucose and xylitol, which results in a refreshing sensation when consumed.

Natural erythritol low hygroscopicity

Erythritol is highly crystallizable, but it does not absorb moisture at 90% humidity. It easily becomes a powdered product, which can be used on the surface of foods to prevent moisture absorption and spoilage.


Oligofructoses are one of the naturally occurring polysaccharides in various foods, such as bananas, chicory roots, and garlic. They are highly fermentable and are therefore considered a prebiotic. Low molecular weight FOS has been shown to be the most effective in increasing the fecal weight of healthy people, and is therefore recommended by most digestive health professionals.

The Functions of Oligofructose:

  • Oligofructose FOS has low sweetness and can be used to produce sugar-free or low-sugar foods that are highly sought after by consumers.

  • Oligofructose FOS has a significant effect in inhibiting starch retrogradation, making it ideal for use in food. Biscuits and baked goods produced with Oligofructose FOS have a beautiful color, a soft and tasty texture, uniform structure, good preservation, and can be widely promoted.

  • Low molecular weight Oligofructose FOS is stable at temperatures between 25 and 5°C, making it suitable for use in cold foods such as ice cream.

  • Oligofructose FOS can be used in lactic acid drinks to solve lactose tolerance problems, increase water solubility, and improve calcium absorption, making dairy products more easily digestible and absorbable.

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