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Introduction to Whey Powder and Beta Arbutin

Whey Powder

Whey protein is known as the king of protein and is a protein extracted from milk. It has the characteristics of high nutritional value, easy digestion and absorption, and various active components. It is recognized as one of the high-quality protein supplements for the human body.

Whey protein powder contains all the amino acids your body needs to quickly recover muscles after intense exercise.

What are the benefits of whey powder?

  • Enhance immunity;

  • Increase the body's energy level;

  • Help men improve muscle mass;

  • Promote healthy skin;

  • Improve bone density.

Uses of whey powder

  • Whey powder can be added to solid beverages such as oats, coffee, soy milk powder, peanut milk powder, cocoa milk powder, walnut milk powder, fermented yogurt, and fruit juice powder. It can be added to dairy products to increase the protein content and nutrition of the final product.

  • Whey powder can be used to increase the yield of meat products, prevent the aggregation of small oil droplets and water droplets, improve the taste and texture, and make the final product have higher nutritional value and good slicing performance with delicate and moist texture.

  • Whey powder can also be added to cold drinks. Its excellent emulsifying property is very beneficial to the viscosity and freezing properties of ice cream mixtures. Especially in low-fat products, it can greatly improve the taste and texture, and give ice cream a very fresh milk flavor.

α-beta arbutin

Beta arbutin, also known as arbutin and arbutin, is the single glucose form of hydroquinone, which is present in the leaves of Rosaceae pear and Rhododendron ursinum plants. Arbutin is an effective ingredient with good biological activity in plants, so it has become one of the main raw materials in cosmetics at home and abroad. According to the different directions of the glycosidic bond in space, arbutin can be divided into β-arbutin and α-arbutin. The molecular formula of the two is exactly the same, and the spatial structure is different, and the direction of the glycosidic bond is completely opposite.

The specifications of α-beta arbutin

  • Product Name: α-beta arbutin Powder;

  • Item: Standard;

  • Chemical Abstracts Service Number: 84380-01-8;

  • Melting point: 203~ 207 1℃;

  • Molecular weight: 272.26 g / mole;

  • Molecular formula: C12H16O7;

  • Specification: minimum purity of 99%;

  • Appearance: white crystalline powder;

  • Test method: high-performance liquid chromatography (abbreviated as HPLC);

  • Shelf life: 24 months;

  • Use: cosmetics raw materials, etc.

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