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Analysis of the Function and Types of Food Additives

Food additives are chemical synthetic substances or natural substances added to food to improve quality, color, flavor, shape, nutritional value, as well as to meet storage and processing needs.

Food additives include nutrient additives and food processing aids. Food additive can be a single substance or a mixture of multiple substances, and they are mostly not inherent in the basic ingredients of food itself, but are added to food during production, storage, packaging, and use for a specific purpose.

Food additive is generally not consumed as a standalone food, and their use is strictly controlled in small quantities.

There are five main functions of food additive

  • To improve food quality;

  • To increase the variety and convenience of food, and to develop new food resources;

  • To facilitate food processing and make the process easier and feasible;

  • To meet the special needs of different populations and enhance individual characteristics of food;

  • To facilitate the comprehensive utilization of raw materials.

Types of the food additive

There is no unified standard for the classification of food additives internationally. This is because the use, characteristics, and traditional habits of each country and region are different, and many food additives have multiple functions, such as spices also having antioxidant effects, and emulsifiers also having a preservative effect. Therefore, most countries and regions classify the food additive based on their specific situations.

Food additives are classified and coded as 21 types, which in addition to spices, includes acidity regulators, anticaking agents, defoamers, antioxidants, bleaching agents, fillers, gum-based stabilizers, colorants, color protectants, emulsifiers, enzyme preparations, flavor enhancers, flour treatment agents, film-forming agents, moisturizers, nutrient fortifiers, preservatives, stabilizers, coagulants, sweeteners, thickeners, and others. They play a role in cooking seasonings, snacks, beverages, fast food, candy, desserts, and more.

Any commercially available products that people consume, including health supplements used in medicine, such as supplements of vitamin C, ABD, and other trace elements, fall within the scope of food additive.

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