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Introduction to Analysis of L-Alanine and DL-Alanine

Introduction to L-Alanine

L-Alanine is a colorless to white crystalline powder that is soluble in water and ethanol, but insoluble in ether and acetone. It is primarily used in biochemical research, tissue culture, liver function testing, as a flavor enhancer to improve the flavor of seasoning, and as an acid taste corrector to increase the acidity of organic acids.

Uses of L-Alanine

Food additives:

L Alanine can improve the nutritional value of food. It is added to various foods and beverages such as bread, shaved ice, fruit tea, milk, soda water, and ice cream. Adding 0.1-1% of alanine can significantly improve the utilization of protein in food and beverages. Moreover, alanine can be directly absorbed by cells, so it can quickly relieve fatigue and refresh the mind after drinking.

Improving the taste of artificial sweeteners can increase sweetness and reduce usage. Adding 1% to 10% of L-alanine to complex sweeteners can significantly improve the sweetness and make it as mild as natural sweeteners. Alanine is also used as a raw material for the artificial high-sweetness sweetener Alitame (L-threonyl-D-alaninamide, 600 times the sweetness of sugar).

Used as a flavor enhancer:

It can improve the taste of seasoning and can also be used as an acid taste corrector to improve the acidity of organic acids.


L-Alanine is an important raw material for the synthesis of VB6 and is one of the components of nutrition infusion "supplementary amino acid nutrition infusion."

Amino acid injection mainly composed of L-alanine is used for the treatment of liver and brain diseases, and can also help patients with hepatic coma to recover quickly. Additionally, it is also a diuretic.

Introduction to DL-Alanine

  • DL-Alanine has a special sweet taste that can improve the taste of artificial sweeteners. It can also improve the acidity and flavor of vinegar.

  • DL-Alanine has an acidic taste and can make saltiness faster, improving the effects of pickled vegetables. Additionally, it can shorten the pickling time and improve the flavor.

  • DL-alanine is an acid regulator used as a buffer for the synthesis of sake and cool drinks. It can prevent the aging of sparkling wine and reduce yeast odor. Additionally, it can be used in various food processing such as oil, egg yolk sauce, rough processing food, soy sauce-soaked food, and rice bran pickled food. It can prevent oxidation while improving the flavor.

  • DL-Alanine is used as a feed additive and nutritional supplement.

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