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Benefits and Production Process of Enzyme Preparation

Benefits of Enzyme Preparation

  • Biological enzymes have wide applications, mainly as intermediates in pharmaceuticals, additives in food processing, and growth promoters in some animal husbandry processes.

    In addition, they are widely used in other fields, including light industry, leather industry, papermaking industry, military industry, and so on.

  • The main types of biological enzyme preparations include proteases, amylases, cellulases, peroxidases, etc. Amylases and proteases, which account for 70%-80% of biological enzyme preparations, are used in larger amounts.

    Among them, amylase is mainly used to improve dough in the bread production process, including pre-treatment of grain raw materials in baby food, and part of the saccharification and decomposition of starch used in the beer industry.

  • In the juice processing industry, they are used to decompose starch or increase filtration speed, as well as in the processing and manufacturing of foods such as vegetables, caramel, and glucose.

    Enzyme preparations are mainly used to catalyze various chemical reactions in production processes, and have high catalytic efficiency, strong specificity, mild action conditions, reduced energy consumption, and reduced chemical pollution. Its application field covers food (bread baking industry, flour deep processing, fruit processing industry, etc.), textiles, feed, detergents, papermaking, leather, medicine, energy development, environmental protection, etc. Enzyme preparations come from biology and are generally safe and can be used in moderate amounts according to production needs.

Production Process of Enzyme Preparation

The production of enzymes is carried out in the following steps:

  • According to microbiology techniques for isolating microorganisms on culture media, isolate microorganisms, develop strains, and prepare inoculants.

  • Produce large amounts of enzymes and a small amount of other metabolites.

  • Complete the fermentation process in a short time.

  • Microorganisms utilize low-cost culture media. Once suitable microorganisms are obtained, their enzyme-producing ability is optimized by improving strains and preparing culture media (pH and temperature). By using mutagens, namely mutagenic chemicals and ultraviolet rays, microbial strains are developed. The development program for strains that produce antibiotics is given in the selection of penicillin cultures. Inoculants of enzyme-producing strains developed after mutagenic treatment are prepared by propagating their spores and mycelium on liquid broth.

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